How to Play Live Roulette

How to Play Roulette?

Live roulette is one of those highly-enticing games that simply screams high-class and casinos. It always seems so simple and straightforward; after all, you’re only trying to guess which number the ball will land on, right? Well now, instead of resigning yourself to a digital wheel spun by some computer-generated mechanics, you now have the chance to interact with other players, chat to the dealer and experience that all-important wheel spin in its true, dramatic glory.

How to Play Roulette Online?

The most important step towards playing online roulette is finding a casino that is reputable and offers a great selection of roulette games. These days, most casinos will offer a number of roulette variants, catering to all kinds of requirements, but you can never be too careful as far as reputation is concerned. It’s also prudent to check the security of the casino, ensuring that it’s fully licensed before registering your account. Don’t forget to check out the bonuses that are on offer, either.

Once the casino has been selected, it is a simple process to head to the live casino lobby and select a roulette game. Most casinos will offer American, European and even French roulette, each of which has their own pros and cons. In addition, the wheels will have different limits set, so make sure that you select the one that matches your bankroll, or you could see yourself getting into a bit of trouble down the line.

The Main Rules of Roulette

The rules of roulette are simple. There is a wheel with red and black pockets, each with a number inside. Once all the players have placed their bets on where they think the ball will land, the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball onto it. Once the ball has settled in a pocket, the bets will all be paid out accordingly. Accompanying the roulette wheel is a large betting table, and it is here that you can find all betting options.

Roulette offers a huge range of different bets, with both inside and outside bets available. Outside bets offer lower odds, but are much more likely to be achieved. These types of bet include things such as red or black, and odds or evens. They pay out at 2 to 1, so playing these will simply double your money. Inside bets have higher odds but are less likely to occur. These include predicting the exact pocket the ball will land in.

Best Strategies for Online Roulette

Roulette is a game that comes with many strategies. This doesn’t mean that they will all work for you, though, as many of them are progressive; so consecutive losses following this type of strategy will see you lose more than you’d like. One of the most popular options is the Martingale. Every time you lose a bet, you double the next one until you hit a win, and then you go back to the original bet.

The Reverse Martingale is effectively the same strategy; just in reverse. Instead of doubling on a loss, you double on a win. This is a little safer than the Martingale, but can still result in some serious losses. As both methods are rather steep and progressive, they don’t really take into account where the ball will land. Both methods can make you run out of money rather quickly; so if you implement either of them, it’s important to keep an eye on your bankroll.

There are a few non-progressive strategies as well. The excitingly-named James Bond simply involves a flat bet, and means covering over half the table in bets, theoretically pushing the odds in your favour. This doesn’t work out in the long run. Likewise, the neighbouring-number strategy of splitting a bet on numbers next to each other does little to really promote a good winning streak. At the end of the day, there is no truly perfect strategy.

How Do Online Casinos Work?

Online casinos are home to a large number of games, all of which are housed on a server – meaning that they can hold an almost infinite number of games. They operate in a similar way to land-based casinos, in that anyone over the age of eighteen can sign up for an account, deposit money and begin to play. However, there are numerous additional benefits to playing at an online casino rather than a land one; first and foremost because of its accessibility.

Online casinos also allow players to test out their games for free. In some cases, this can be done as a guest; in others, you’ll actually need to make an account. If you do decide to participate for real, it is a simple process to link an account via your preferred payment method and start playing for real cash. All games are easily found, and you can use search functions to find a specific game or search a category.

The Difference between Roulette Variants

For years, Americans could only access American roulette and Europeans the European wheel. Now, thanks to online roulette games, players have easy access to both, and what a treat this is for the Americans. It is generally accepted that the American wheel offers a higher house-edge; something that doesn’t really sit well with enthusiastic roulette players. The reason for this is that the American wheel has an extra pocket as compared to the European version, making predictions that much harder.

European roulette only has a single zero pocket, while the American wheel has a double zero as well. For the really best odds, though, you’re best off hitting up the French version. Played on a European wheel, the bonus here is that the game offers La Partage bets. This simply means that whenever the ball lands in the green zero, half the bet is paid back instead of the bet being lost entirely. This reduces the house-edge dramatically, and is many players’ roulette of choice.


Roulette is an intensely fun game; though if you’re not careful, you can find your bankroll disappearing fast. This game demands attention, and though there is nothing you can really do to change the odds, there are, of course, ways that you can make the wheel work for you. At the end of the day, though, this game is all about having fun, and a few wins on the side are simply a bonus to an evening of entertainment.