Play Live Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack?

Blackjack: the suave and sophisticated game that makes you feel like anything is possible; of course you want to play it. Now, with live blackjack, the possibilities just got even greater. With this new style of play, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the game like never before. Enjoy a number of different variants, chat to other players and the dealer, learn new techniques and, above all, maybe make a little money as you go.

How to Play Blackjack Online

The blackjack online format is very similar to the one you would recognise in a land-based casino. The set-up is relatively similar for both the live and virtual versions. You will be dealt your two cards face up, so that you can see what they are from your screen. You can then choose to make your play as you would normally. If you are playing a live version, you will also be able to see the other player’s cards.

When you wish to make a bet, you can simply use the screen to drag the number of virtual chips you wish to use for your bet. You can do this in both versions, but, in the live one, you can also inform the dealer of your decision. Once the round is over and the game winners have been announced, the payout will be credited directly to those winning players’ accounts, whichever version you are playing.

The Main Rules of Blackjack

The aim of blackjack is to get 21, or as close to that number as possible, without going over. Even though there can be a number of people sitting at a table, each player only plays against the dealer. Each of the cards holds a different value, with number cards using the value that is displayed on their face. Picture cards on the other hand are all valued at 10, with the Ace being either 1 or 11.

The value of the Ace will be determined by the other cards in the hand. After first seeing their cards, players can choose to stick with what they have, or fold, or choose to take an extra card. Taking extra cards can see a player go bust if their final card value exceeds 21 and this means losing their bet. As with many casino games, the house-edge differs between casinos, though if you are strategic, the house-edge can be as low as 0.5%.

Best Strategies for Online Blackjack

Everyone wants to win, and to this effect there are a large number of blackjack strategies available. Many of these are in the form of charts, and it requires a serious amount of memorising if you wish to do this properly. If this is the route you plan on taking, then we suggest picking a single chart and getting that perfected before branching out and trying other things. Each chart focuses on different areas, such as soft totals or pair splitting.

However, it is important to note that simply memorising a chart is far from enough. These charts simply utilise basic strategy, and this is definitely not enough to beat the house-edge. Real strategy includes some serious counting, conversions and a really serious betting strategy; but that’s really for the pros. For newcomers to the game, let’s start with basic strategy. This has an order of how the hand should be played, starting with can you, or should you, surrender.

Surrender, if it is an option, is the first thing to think about. If the answer is no, the next question is whether you can or should split. This option is only available to you if the two cards in the hand are a pair or two cards each with a value of 10. If you can’t do this, then can you, or should you, double? If this is a possibility, then you are quite likely to win the hand!

How an Online Casino Works

Online casinos offer a much easier way for players to access casino games. Gone are the days when you needed to travel to visit a casino. Instead you can sit in comfort at home, without all the distractions that are rife in a casino setting. Online casinos follow much the same rules as their land-based counterparts. You have to be over eighteen to play; all player accounts must be fully verified; multiple accounts are forbidden; and all transactions take place through proper channels.

Once you are set up with an account, playing at an online casino is a simple process. All the games are clearly set out, usually in sub-groups and categories. If you fail to find the game this way, simply search for it. Depositing money into your account will enable you to begin play. As with land casinos, online casinos will set minimum and maximum bets which must be adhered to. Bad behaviour, especially in live games, will get you thrown out.

Live vs. Virtual Blackjack

Blackjack in any form is an exciting game, but the live version really takes it up a notch. Both game types offer a number of different variants, though the virtual game does tend to have more variety. However, you are just playing against a machine for this option. Live blackjack, on the other hand, pits you against a real dealer who will be dealing the cards and making informed decisions just like yourself. For many, this ups the ante.

Live blackjack brings the atmosphere of a real casino directly to the small screen. It offers a more thrilling feel, an air of camaraderie and a faster-paced game. As well as giving you the opportunity to converse with the dealer, live games allow you to chat to your fellow players, making this a much more communal exercise. Live blackjack also offers a wider range of betting options, with VIP tables catering to the high rollers; and, in some casinos, private tables are offered.


Live blackjack was one of the first games to make the transition to the live platform. Its relatively simple playing rules and high-octane action make it easy to understand why this game was the first to transition. The live-game setting is also constantly improving, and with it the quality of the games. We are already seeing immersive, dual play roulette; who’s to say this is not something in the future for blackjack as well. Head off to your favourite casino and get playing.