Guide to the Best Live Casino


As an exhilarating new addition to the online casino world, live casino quickly took the world by storm. Combining the easily-accessible online format with the heady atmosphere of the land-based casino world, live casinos took us to new heights. Starting with just a few games, the genre has grown in the past few years, ensuring that almost any virtual table-game, along with excellent bonuses, is now available to play right from the comfort of our very own homes.

How to Play Live Casino?

Are you ready to play at a live casino? Of course you are; what’s not to like? Before joining in, though, it is important that you are very familiar with the rules of your chosen game. Unlike the virtual table-game versions which are often set to your own pace, these live games will be played at a rapid pace, evoking the true feel of the casino world. Though this is, of course, the very reason why you are joining.

Whilst these games are very enticing, we cannot over-emphasise the importance of a bit of practice. Do not head into these games assuming that you are going to win. There are plenty of seasoned players online already, and they will spot a beginner. Never fear though; the dealers are on hand to keep everything in order and, who knows, they may even offer a few little tips for you here and there to aid your game.

What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a relatively new genre of online casino game that allows you to experience the land-based casino world without stepping out of your house. The set-up is a simple one: online casinos dress up studio rooms to resemble the gaming room in a real casino. Added to this there are real tables and real dealers playing the games alongside you. All of the studios are set up with cameras which record all of the action.

These video feeds are then streamed live and in high-quality directly to you, the player, at home, where you can see the action unfold. The online live casino format also enables you to converse directly with the dealer. Players use the live-chat function to communicate and then the dealer simply responds by speaking directly to camera. There is also the option to chat to the other players who are present at the same table, thus creating a better atmosphere.

Best Live Casinos

Before we outline the best live casino, it is important to understand the essential elements we look at when review each casino. Firstly, the casino needs to be trustworthy and registered with a licensing authority. They need to show secure connections and the use of reputable payment providers. It is also important that they offer a great game selection; there’s no point in joining if they don’t have your preferred game. Finally, a really great live casino will offer a number of enticing bonuses.

Betway and 888 Casino are two of the top live casinos at the moment. They each offer a wide range of games, including the lesser-found Casino Hold’em and 3 Card Poker options. Betway even goes one step further in its game library and offers Dream Catcher and Unlimited Blackjack as part of their repertoire. To counter, 888 Casino offers many international roulette tables with a multitude of low stake options; perfect for the newcomer to the scene.

In contrast, Betway offers a range of VIP tables in various games, making the live casino scene more enticing to the higher rollers among you. They also offer a live Hold’em game, something that is, as yet, not so common. Both casinos award some great promotions and casino bonuses, though in this area Betway far surpasses 888 Casino, as it offers a massive 1000.00 value in bonuses; though this will depend on how you use it and what deposits are made.

Learn to Play Live Casino

Playing at a live casino is really no different than walking into the lobby of a land-based casino. In fact, most live casinos are set up in the exact same way, complete with a welcome lobby. It is in this area that you are able to select the game that you wish to play. Most of the games will have a number of different tables in play, the only variation being the bet limits imposed at each table – just as in a real casino.

Clicking on the desired game will see you seated at the table, and play can then begin. The dealer will welcome you in and ask you to place your bets. Once all players have completed this process, the game can commence in earnest. Dealers will maintain a conversation throughout the game play, though you are warned to stay away from certain topics. At the end of the round, all bets will be paid out, with the winnings being deposited directly into your casino account.

What is a Live Dealer?

A dealer, or croupier, is the person who organises the game from start to finish. They will deal the cards, drop the ball and spin the wheel. They are also there to ensure that the game runs smoothly throughout. When it comes to live dealers, these people will have had to undergo the exact same training as a land-based croupier in order to ensure that there is as minimal a bias as possible and that they know all the rules of the games.

In similar fashion to bricks-and-mortar casinos, there will be a pit boss on hand, checking all the tables and making certain that everything is proceeding in an orderly fashion. Dealers can and will make conversation with the players throughout the game. Some of this is simple business talk as they determine which plays and bets you would like to make. Some tables offer chattier croupiers who will be happy to have a wider range of conversations with you.

Final Words

Live casinos are a truly thrilling addition to the online casino world. They bring an extra element to the already phenomenal online casino world. Recently, these games have even been transferred to mobile devices, so that these live games can be played on the go, perhaps even as you head to work. Providing new ways of connecting with people around the world, any one of the table games on offer is more than worth a little trial.